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What advantages do I have?

You will be able to have your cans of balls and overgrips at a competitive price without thinking about travel, with delivery wherever you want and guaranteed stock of the selected brand.

How often do I receive miPadelDrop?

The first delivery will be made 48-72 hours after placing your order and then every month your subscription will be sent periodically.

What does it mean that the subscription is flexible?

You can modify your subscription up to 5 days before the day your subscription is sent (depending on each profile), if it is not modified it is an automatic renewable subscription.


Is there a cost for the padel club to install the Padel Drop Vending machine?

No, the machine is an important part of our service and is included within it.

Does the service have a permanent contract and/or a penalty for cancellation?

The minimum permanence contract is 1 year, and depending on the club and agreements, one scenario or another will be established.

Does the Club have to buy boxes of cans of balls or any other product from the machine?

No, since he decided to work with us, the Club no longer spends money on the purchase of paddle balls. We take care of buying, storing, and supplying the exact jars necessary to replace every 1/2 months depending on the size and volume of the club.

Who replenishes the products in the machine?

PadelDrop has telemetry of all the machines and knows the LIVE stock of all the products. Once the machine reaches the established minimums, PadelDrop sends the exact number of boats to the club so that, once the club receives it, it only has to open and fill in the corresponding places. PADELDROP will notify the club with a minimum of 48 hours that they will receive the replacement.

Does the Club stop making profits on the sale of balls?

No, for each product that is sold through the machine, the club commissions a percentage of the net billing that depends on the conditions of the contract.

Are the paddle balls top quality?

Yes, we only work with globally recognized brands, and those that our clients ask us to put in their club. At Padel Drop Vending we ensure the quality of our products.

Are the prices of the padel balls at the foot of the court market?

The clubs and PadelDrop, at the time of signing the contract, establish prices that they consider appropriate based on some minimums and the market status of the club and the situation of the corresponding machine.

Who is in charge of maintenance?

The club does not have to take charge of anything. Everything falls on the PadelDrop operation. Through the commission, PadelDrop requires only a couple of functions from the club: 1. Keeping the machine on. 2. They have a copy of the key in case, in case of product blockage, they can open and replace it for correct sale. 3. Once they receive the product, they put all the product in the machine.

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